Buildings and Units

Buildings and units can vary from realm to realm, but their behavior and purpose remains…


  • Wood & Stone – used for building blocks and gold mines
  • Gold – for buying from the rides, certain buildings and other items.
  • Soul – gathered for stronger structures.
  • Diamonds – If you are logged in you can do achievements and gather diamonds to buy most game items from the shop.


  • Wooden Wall : Strong wooden wall.
  • Stone Wall : Very strong stone wall.
  • Door : Opens only for you and your team.
  • Iron Block : Very strong dark wall.
  • Iron Door : Stronger Door. Opens only for you and your team.
  • Peasant : Gather the nearest resource available.
  • Gardener : Gather carrots from gardens.
  • Wooden Spikes : Spikes damage your enemies!
  • Portal : Build two to teleport between them!
  • Bed / Garden : You can grow carrots on a bed!
  • Mannequin : Used for training
  • Heart Stone / The Stone of Life : Resurrects you after your death. Make sure it is not destroyed!
  • Tower : The tower produces gold, making you richer!
  • Ball : For football fans. World cup with your team mates in game. Have fun!
  • Healing ward : heals any nearby teammate


  • Peasants – Mine wood or stone, whichever is near them
  • Gardeners – Collect food from beds
  • Mercenary – Attacks or mines with you and follow you around
  • Guard : Defends the area you place him on.
  • Dark Guard : Defends the area you place him on and is much stronger than a normal guard.
  • Archer Guard : bought from diamond shop. Distance attack, but low health.
  • Spartan Guard : bought from the diamond shop. Level 30 super strong guard.


  • Black Wolf : You can ride on it and regenerate faster!
  • Dragon : You can ride on it and be more powerful!
  • Bear : You are very powerful, and have more defence, but you are very slow!