Updates – Change log


  • Fixed a bug with a white screen.
  • The background of the start screen has been changed.
  • The spawn system has been changed, now you have to wait 5 seconds to enter the server.


    • When players spawn, they now spawn a bit more randomly.


  •  Door stacking is disabled
  • Loading screen changed
  • Building delay has been increased  
  • Added new block “Damage Ward”
  •  A system for automatically issuing a “Record Holder” badge for achieving a resource/level record, etc. was added


  • The old textures of the Speed Hat / Chicken Hat hats were returned


  • New animal added (Rabbit) it drops 10 food and a hat
  • New Hat added (Rabbit Hat)
  • Hat drops from rabbits with a chance of 0.03
  • 1) Mount rebalances:
    Dragon: Hunter
    Attack bonus: Players (40%), Buildings (20%)
    Speed: 300
    Healing bonus
  • Bear: Defender & Destroyer, but slower
    Attack bonus: Players (50%), Buildings (100%)
    Defense bonus: 30%
    Speed: 280
    Healing bonus
  • Wolf: Fastest in game
    Speed: 310
    Healing bonus
  • Pig: Better than walking
    Speed: 280
  • 2) Wooden and Iron spikes both health boosted by 100, to balance bases and raiding.


    • New Hat added (Pig Hat)

    • Hat will drop double the drops of any animal

    • Can be ontained by killing pigs


    • Soccer Ball Physics is fixed.

    • Box and Hat duplication glitches patched.

    • Lag reduction has been implemented, allowing you to make big bases without lag.


New Additions:

    • crystal block – stronger for building tough bases (this + iron spike make much harder bases)

    • crystal door

    • iron spikes – (2x damage, 1.5x health) – stone + gold

    • staff badge – has a wrench icon

    • trolls now spawn in the east… there are only 2 on the map, but they are fast and hit hard! They’ve got soul and gold rewards.


    • heal wards and portals cost more soul

    • stone floor costs more

    • mount prices updated


    • Logged in users start with bonus resources to help get started.

    • Rideable Bear re-released; slower but higher defense and attack.

    • Dragon slowed down a bit

    • Mounts: Bear: Defense+Attack, Dragon: Balance, Wolf: Speed (fastest in game)

    • Ice hat texture much improved

    • Extreme server map fixed


    • Soul container

    • Graphics updates: Iron door, snow again in the north, wood blocks


    • Golden Ice Hat – Rare hat, 2x gold collection

    • Ninja hat – faster, almost invisible, but can’t see your health bar

    • Heal Ward – heals teammates

    • Players can no longer be killed in 1 hit, regardless of enemy strength. ( if at full health, you will have all health drained.. and next hit will kill)


    • Guards no longer attack enemy spikes

    • Portals are working, create 2 to teleport

    • Players and mercs are only thing visible on minimap

    • Regeneration boosted

    • /version and /uptime command added for all users


    • Autosave – logged in users level and resources are saved periodically. During server update/restart (or crash), if a logged in user rejoins they will keep their level/resources.

    • Profile icons added to users
        • Blue – logged in user

        • Red – Administrator / Moderator

        • Green – creator


    • Player sword swing is an ‘arc’ again, not just straight ahead

    • Running diagonally is same speed as up/down

    • Server update scripts created