Hats of Glar.io

Brown Bear Hat

This hat doubles the resources gained when collecting from bushes and rocks. This only applies to the person who is wearing the hat, friendly peasants and mercenaries will not be affected

Chicken Hat

When wearing this hat, the player is hidden from the minimap. Be aware that player friendly mercenaries and peasants will not be hidden.

Cowboy Hat

The cool down time required to start regenerating health is shortened when this hat is equipped. or spider new viersion

Druid / Tree hat

Animals won’t attack you

Builder Hat

When a player is wearing this hat, destroying any player constructed blocks (wooden walls, stone walls) will yield 50% more resources. Useful for reconstructing bases or dismantling enemy blocks.

Fox Hat

Players wearing this hat can see others in the dark

Hockey Hat

If you are wearing this hat when you die, you will regain half your health but lose the hat.

Ice Hat

Icemen won’t attack you wearing this hat.

Golden Ice Hat

More gold, but icemen will attack you and do more damage.

White Bear Hat

Players wearing this hat destroy player placed blocks twice as fast.

Speed Hat

Makes you faster

Ninja Hat

Faster and nearly invisible, especially at night. You don’t notice pain, so be careful of dying!

Tank Hat

Players wearing this hat does 75% more damage and takes only 25% of damage and speed gets reduced to 50%.

Viking Hat

Players wearing this hat do slightly more damage (25%) to enemy players and NPCs.

Spartan Hat

Players wearing this hat will do slightly more damage (25%) and walk slightly faster (10%). Obtainable through killing trolls during the day.

Pig Hat

Allows you to gather 2x more food from killing animals, with mecenaries, guards or by yourself. Obtainable through killing pigs during the day.


Vampire Hat

Players wearing this hat will regenerate slightly 1/5 by stealing that from other players or NPCs. Obtainable through killing trolls at night.

Rabbit Hat

Dropped by rabbits with a 0.03 chance, increases movement speed almost like the Speed Hat

Admin Hat

Allows players walk through walls, speed increase, defense increase, faster attack.