Hats of Glar.io

Brown Bear Hat

This hat doubles the resources the player gains when collecting from trees and stones. Doesn’t affect Peasants or Mercenary. Obtainable through bears.

Chicken Hat

When wearing this hat, the player is hidden from the minimap. However your mercenaries will not be hidden. Obtainable through chickens at night.

Cowboy Hat

Regenerating health is 2x faster. Obtainable through ice monsters during day and wolves during day.

Druid / Tree hat

Animals won’t target or attack you. Obtainable through pigs at night.

Builder Hat

When a player is wearing this hat, destroying any construction blocks (wooden walls, stone walls, etc),will yield 50% more resources. Useful for reconstructing bases or dismantling enemy blocks. Obtainable through pigs and chickens.

Fox Hat

Players wearing this hat can see others in the night on the mini map, but its a small radius. Obtainable through wolves at night.

Hockey Hat

If you are wearing this hat when you die, you will regain 1/3 of your health, but lose the hat. Obtainable through trolls, ice monsters and bears during day and night.

Ice Hat

Icemen won’t attack you wearing this hat. Obtainable through killing the icemen.

Golden Ice Hat

Double any type of gold drops, but icemen will attack you and do more damage. Obtainable through killing the icemen.

White Bear Hat

Players wearing this hat destroy player placed blocks 3x faster. Obtainable through killing winter bears.

Speed Hat

Makes you 20% faster. Obtainable through pigs during day.

Ninja Hat

Nearly invisible, especially at night. 20% faster. You don’t notice pain, so be careful of dying! Also invisible on the minimap, obtainable through chickens at night and it is a 1/100 chance. Icemen will attack but animals won’t.

Tank Hat

Players wearing this hat does 2x more damage and takes only 1/2 damage and speed gets reduced to 1/2. Obtainable by destroying spikes at night.

Viking Hat

Players wearing this hat do slightly more damage (10%) to enemy players and NPCs. Obtainable through killing icemen at night and wolves at night.

Vampire Hat

Players wearing this hat will regenerate slightly 1/5 by stealing that from other players or NPCs. Obtainable through killing trolls at night.

Trojan Hat

Players wearing this hat will do slightly more damage (25%) and walk slightly faster (10%). Obtainable through killing trolls during the day.

Piggy Hat

Allows you to gather 2x more food from killing animals, with mecenaries, guards or by yourself. Obtainable through killing pigs during the day.

Admin Hat

Allows players to walk through walls, super speed, defense increase, faster attack, “Its the impossible”. Only staff have.