How to Play


  • WASD – Movement
  • Click – Attack/Gather
  • H – show hats
  • 1-9 – Select Building
  • B – Toggle Building
  • T – View Teams
  • U – Toggle On/Off Saddle

Basic Gameplay

Gather wood and stone. Build a base to protect yourself from players and animals. Use peasants to continue farming resources and gardeners to harvest food from your beds. Buildings and Units

Your resources counts are visible in the top left.

Build a simple base to protect your resources.

Doors will open for you and your team.

Simple Tips and Tricks

  • Join a team if you are new. They may help defend you! Gather your own resources and help defend your team so you’re not a freeloader!
  • Build spikes for extra defense outside your base
  • Do not leave “open” buildable areas inside your base (enemies can build guards or other units inside your base, trapping you to die
  • Don’t get trapped in your base
  • A good tip is to build bases on the sides so you use less resources and it’s harder to find.
  • Make sure to level up with mannequins and buy a mount, and acquire hats.